Journeyman. Soothsayer. Vagabond. Slinger. Writer. Guitar-slinger. JD Leonard. A long established "go-to" songwriter, JD is quickly tearing into the American country music landscape. Combining ultra sleek show savvy, genre consuming arrangements and hauntingly familiar hooks; Leonard is country rock in both its purest dose and its untapped potential. His songs are the passenger in your human experience. Originally hailing from Bristol Tennessee, Leonard has been a fixture of NYC and Music City camps, alike. It's this geographic, chopped and diced blend that creates JD's un-imitated sound. Fever dream guitars and lush melodies. Mind halting solos and memory inducing lyrics. It's a sound that you already know...like you've never heard before.
A thriving stage performer- Leonard's shows are staggering demonstrations that devour, devastate and revitalize. With the right ears you can almost hear the influences ping pong off the rhythm. Garth Brooks and Stevie Wonder. George Strait and Prince. Billy Joel and The Allman Brothers. JD's grab bag of musical authority seems boundless as he flirtates with the essence of the greats to arrive at something entirely new. He's a showman in the grand tradition of the sport - never pulling punches and never being less than his real self. Most recently, JD has released a new single "Just Drive" produced by Nashville and industry legend David Huff. A US tour to support the new album is currently in development - featuring Billy Joel guitarist, Tommy Byrnes and a band of touring heavyweights, recognized as some of the most inspired players in the world.
Tennessee born... Rock and roots raised... American made... JD Leonard has arrived...