2017 Update

“Hey guys! It’s been a while. In-between stages and studios, I’ve finally been able to get back to what I love the most. The writing. The stories. The music. I’m so very excited to announce the making of my BRAND NEW album! …but I don’t want to just tell you about it. I want you to be a part of it! Take this journey with me and GET INVOLVED!”
– JD

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Call On Me – JD Leonard

Hey guys! After what feels like forever…what started out as making a little music video for the next single has turned into something I’m so proud to show you! All the hard work of so many people helping me create this video has come to fruition and we’ve finally finished! A lot of today’s music has lost emotion, meaning, depth, reason, heart and purpose. Things aren’t been said or talked about or sung about because it’s too hard or it’s not “fun” or it’s easier to pretend that problems don’t exist than to acknowledge them and work to help overcome them. Well, I felt like I needed to say something that empowers people and strengthens the belief in ourselves and in the notion that we’re not alone. You’re not alone. I wanted a music video with a narrative that was just as powerful and moving as the song, the music, the lyrics, the story and the subject matter itself. This is something that hits me right at home. After cheating addiction and death myself, It was important to me to show the struggles and loss that inevitably come with addiction, where those paths lead, but, more importantly, I wanted to have a visual narrative that shows people that it IS possible to overcome addiction. So we dug deep, got to work and set out to try to create a visual representation of emotion, heart, love and truth. I hope Ferretti Films and I have done just that. Go see for yourself! Believe!


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“Love Is The Knife” will be Bonnie Tyler’s next single!!

“Love Is The Knife” will be Bonnie Tyler’s next single!! Labrador Music (Denmark) just announced that on September 28, 2013, Bonnie Tyler will perform “Love Is The Knife” LIVE in a syndicated broadcast for the first time. This performance will be the first of many to promote the new single written by JD Leonard and Jim Sells.

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JD will be in Nashville, TN later this month working on 2 new productions….stay tuned!!!

JD will be in Nashville, TN later this month working on 2 new productions….stay tuned!!!

Check out the latest review of the song JD and Jim Sells wrote for Bonnie Tyler, “Love Is The Knife.”

At the risk of overusing the term, ‘anthemic’ can certainly be applied to ‘Love Is The Knife’. With its powerful beat, strong vocals and mature songwriting – ‘We had a passion unbreakable / Two hearts had never been so close / But now the scars are unmistakable’ – it has an intensity and power that only an established and ‘worldly’ artist could imbibe, certainly with a chorus that hinges on the lyric ‘Love is the knife you used to cut me’. Again, it is this sort of song that the trademark Bonnie Tyler vocals suits so well.

-SSG Magazine, UK

Bonnie Tyler’s NEW record, “Rocks and Honey,” featuring “Love Is The Knife” is charting all over Europe…

Bonnie Tyler’s NEW record, “Rocks and Honey,” featuring “Love Is The Knife” is charting all over Europe…reaching number 28 in Denmark, number 52 in the UK and number 59 in Germany and Switzerland!!!